My Bedtime Routine


The time I spend getting ready for bed is the most relaxing time I have at the end of my day. Here is my bedtime routine from start to finish.

  1. The first thing I do is brush and floss my teeth.
  1. Then I remove my makeup with makeup wipes. These makeup wipes were from Winners. They are really gentle on my skin and I’m able to remove all my makeup with just one makeup wipe.


  1. If I’m wearing eye makeup, I like to use gentle eye makeup remover with cotton pads to remove my eye makeup.


  1. Following this, I either use a face scrub or face cleanser to remove any dirt or oil that my makeup wipes didn’t remove. To do this I like to use either the Dark Angels scrub from Lush or Cetaphil. These face products really help with clearing up any acne.



  1. After cleansing my face, I always moisturize my face using an Aveeno face lotion. These are the two face moisturizers that I’m currently using. It’s essential to moisturize your skin following any cleansers or scrub to prevent any dry skin. I also like to put Vaseling on my lips before bed. It helps with keeping my lips soft especially during the Winter months.


  1. Then I light some candles from Bath and Body Works and read. Reading before bed helps with managing my anxiety and reducing my stress. I’m currently reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and would recommend to anyone who needs a bit of inspiration.




  1. Lastly, I blow out the candles and head off to bed.





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