How Bullying Changed My Life


I was bullied my entire life, but the most traumatic was during seventh grade. Although I was only 12 at the time, I still remember it like it was yesterday.

 When I think of seventh grade, the first thing that comes to mind is looking up at the chalkboard seeing one of the girls in my class writing “prostitute” on the board. I looked over to the girl who had wrote it and she decided to say it out loud. At that age, I wasn’t able to comprehend what being a called a prostitute meant but I knew it wasn’t a compliment. 

That same day when my dad picked me up from school I asked him what it meant but he refused to tell me.  When my mom got home from work that day I decided to ask her and she told what it was. As soon as she had told me my entire body felt like it had go numb.  I kept going over what a prostitute was and trying to figure out how I could compared to one.  That night I told my mom I didn’t want to go to school because I was scared of what those girls were going to do next. It hurt knowing that there were girls in my class saying such hurtful things about me.

A couple days after the incidence, my teacher said there will be a vote for who would be the class’s prefect. Although I was scared of delivering a speech convincing my class to vote for me, I knew I had to show them that they weren’t going to win.  When it was time for me to deliver my speech, I started panicking. I started doubting myself and wondered why anyone would vote for the girl who had no friends. I closed my eyes and tried to think positive eyes but as soon as I got up to deliver my speech I could feel their eyes glaring at me. I refused to look to where they were sitting because I knew the minute I saw them I would loose all confidence in myself. I took a deep breathe and delivered my speech as confidently, and as clearly my 12 year old self could have do. When I was done I remember looking up and seeing my entire class smiling at me and clapping. 

I then realized the girls who were bullying me had nothing over me.That same day when my teacher counted the votes to announce who was going to be the prefect for my class, I was beyond surprised to hear my name come out of her mouth.  I looked to the girls who was bullying me to see how unhappy they looked. In that moment I saw that I was stronger then anything they could ever do to me.

This experience is just some of the bullying I experienced growing up. Although bullying is something that no one should ever experience, it changed my life. The life lessons I learned from being bullied are lessons I take with me everywhere.

I learned how important it is to be humble to everyone.  Despite how mean those girls were, I refused to sink to their level. Instead, I channelled all my energy in to becoming one of the leaders of the class.

I learned that no matter how impossible any situation seems, there’s always a solution.  I felt the bullying was never going to stop but eventually it did.  Now when I experience bad experiences such as this one I try to always remember that it gets better.

I never forgot any of the times I’ve been bullied.  Every experience, every bad memory stuck with me.  Every time something good happens to me, I always think back to that day when I overcame my fears. Although this experience was one of the most traumatic experiences for me, it managed to make me a better person.


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