Why My Only New Year’s Resolution Is To Love Myself


During my 2A term at the University of Waterloo, I took a course on the Psychology of Death and Dying.  One of the things my professor said that I always remembered was “love isn’t just a feeling but a motive.” I know this probably sounds ridiculous because the meaning of love is an intense feeling of great fondness but it’s more then that. It took me a while to understand how love could be a motivator but the minute I stopped looking down on myself for everything I couldn’t do I finally understood what my professor was saying.

When I was first diagnosed with ADHD I hated myself for everything I wasn’t able to do. ADHD effected my performance in school, friendships, and my personality. All my life I never understood why I was failing my tests. I never understood why I got distracted during conversations. As a result of this, I started to hate who I was because of my ADHD.

The truth is, ADHD wasn’t the reason why I couldn’t meet my goals. It was because of the hate I had for myself. All I saw when I looked at myself in the mirror was everything that I wasn’t. Every time I would look in the mirror I saw someone who was worthless until I made the decision to stop being so negative toward myself.

When I started to love who I am, and everything my ADHD allowed me to do, amazing things started happening. I believed that I was strong enough to tell my story and tell others going through the same thing that it does get better.

Self love is the reason we are able to believe in ourselves to fulfill our dreams. When you love yourself, the world has no limits.

Self love is my only New year’s resolution because with loving myself I will be able to achieve anything I set my mind too.

Thanks for reading.



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