The Sun of Stars



The sun of stars in the Orion arm,

Protects the stars who orbit forward in time,

Dwarfs force the Sun to hold back his faithful charm,

Organized crime determines who serves most time;

The Dwarves will always live a lifeless rhyme,

Rhymes own those who face a cold, brutal frostbite,

Orphans covered in red blood and filthy grime,

Trying to see the bright, moon every midnight,

Constellations in the sky it’s their starlight.



The colours they change: red, blue, red, shimmering,

Stars they get one hundred million years then night,

They move in orbital motion dimming,

Dwarves continuously fighting for the right;

This life they’re living it’s slowly blistering,

Time will tell orphans how long behind bars,

They’re lost, stuck battling useless time lingering,

Cemented stars in the dark, black, sticky, tar,

No matter what it will always be too far.



Glued to the title white dwarf star they’re faded,

Hydrogen fuel gone they slowly disappear,

So manipulated and isolated,

Scared of the legacy they will leave they fear,

Supernova exploded in atmosphere;

It will end in a black hole, that’s their mindset,

Wondering when there will be help, it’s unclear,

Remembered with the sound of their last breath,

The sun of stars he lets them suffer this death.


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