20 Must Try Beauty Hacks

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  1. Contouring with eye shadow

Before I bought myself the Anastasia Contour Palette, using eyeshadow to contour my face was something that I lived by. Any matte brown eyeshadow will do the trick.

2.  Using baby powder as dry shampoo

This works the same way as dry shampoo does. All you have to do is apply the powder to the roots where you want it too look less oiler and massage it into the scalp.

IMG_72893.  Using bounce sheets to remove deodorant marks

I hate getting deodorant marks on my clothes, especially when I’m in a rush.  By rubbing dryer sheets on to the deodorant mark it eventually comes off.

4. Take a hot shower after doing your nails to remove excess nail polish

This is something I’ve been doing for years, and I love how well it works. I always manage to get some nail polish on to my fingers after applying nail polish. The hot water from the shower manages to remove all excess nail polish from my nails.

5.  Using eye shadow as highlighter

Before getting a highlighter palette this is something I lived by.  Any shimmery, glittery eyeshadow will do the trick.

6.  Reduce frizz by drying your hair with an 100% cotton t-shirt

This is something I do every time I wash my hair. After showering I wrap my hair up in an 100% cotton t-shirt for about 20 minutes, then leave the rest of my hair to air dry.

7. Using hairspray as setting spray

Hairspray manages to keep my makeup in place, just like it does for my hair! I spray the hairspray about 15-20 centimetres away from my face to ensure I get just the right amount on to keep my makeup in place.

8. Sharpen the edges of your lipstick with concealer

This does wonders especially when wearing a dark lipstick. It makes the colour pop and look so much cleaner.

9. Use your phone flashlight to test makeup in different lighting

I love doing this because makeup looks different in different lightings. By shining your phone’s flashlight when testing your makeup you get to see every detail of your makeup.

10.Use white eyeliner to make your eyes appear more awake

I love doing this for the days when I look least awake. I just take apply a little bit of white eyeliner to the inner corner of my eyes and it makes me look a lot more awake.

11. Spray your bobby pins with hairspray before using them

This is great for those days when you want to wear a tight bun.  I hate having to fix or add more bobby pins throughout the day. When I started spraying my bobby pins with hairspray, I no longer had to fix my hair throughout the day.


12.  Highlight above your eyebrows for an instant eye lift

I love the look of highlighted brows. By applying highlighter on the upper corner of my brow, it makes me look a lot more awake.

IMG_730113.  Blow dry your eyelash curler before using it

The heat from the blow dryer keeps your eyelashes curled for much longer then it would without the heat.  Just make sure the curler isn’t hot before curling your lashes.

eyelash-curler.jpg14. Use coconut oil to remove makeup

This does wonders when I run out of makeup wipes. I put some on the palm of my hands and rub it onto my face until all the makeup from my face is removed. Then I just rinse the coconut oil off with warm water.

Unknown15. Make your hair look thicker using eyeshadow

In high school I had such thin hair from all the heat damage from straightening my hair everyday.  To ensure my hair didn’t look thin, I would apply a dark eyeshadow close to my natural hair colour to my part to make it look more fuller.

16.Make your nail polish dry faster by soaking them in a bowl of ice when your done painting them

I’m a very impatient person when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry. With this trick I save 5-10 minutes.

1304-hard_boiled_egg-217. Using an Eyeshadow Brush to contour your nose

This is a trick that I live by.  I find that using an eyeshadow brush to contour my nose makes it look more defined then it does when using a contour brush.

18. Pluck your brows after you shower 

I used to pluck my eyebrows before I showered until I learned that it’s actually better to pluck them after you’re done showering. The steam and heat from the water opens your pores making it easier to pluck.

IMG_730319.  Remove mascara strains after it dries

Getting mascara on to my face while applying it is something that happens pretty often.  When it gets on to my face, I let it dry then I remove the dried mascara with a wet q-tip.  It’s better to remove mascara when it’s dried because when it’s wet it’s harder to remove and it spreads getting onto more of your face.

20. Use honey and lemon to clear skin

I was surprised with the results of this hack.  Taking 1/2 of a lemon, and a teaspoon of honey does wonders. After just one use of this my skin was brighter, and it cleared some of my blemishes.


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