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Anxiety is the monster that keeps you up all night. The reason why you’re exhausted everyday but can never fall asleep at night. You lay in bed asking yourself a billion questions and start to get overwhelmed when you don’t know the answer.

Anxiety makes you wonder who truly cares about you and who is just using you.  Anxiety is the cage that blocks you from living life. Everyday tasks that should be so simple become so difficult to do. You know it sounds so stupid but you don’t know how to turn it off. You want to find the switch, the off button to make it all stop but you’re not a machine.

Anxiety makes you question where you’re meant to be? Who are you meant to me? Will you ever be happy?

You never feel enough. You want to blame someone so badly for all of these thoughts and feelings but the truth is, there’s no one to blame. That’s the worst part. This sadness and fear that’s within you, it’s all you.

You want to run away so badly and escape it all but you know deep down no matter where you go it lives within you. There’s no where to run. How do you escape something that lives inside of you?

No matter where you go it’s not going anywhere. You’ll still have panic attacks when waiting at the  bus stop, standing in line,trying to fall asleep, driving, working. There’s no escape.

All it takes is your body to detect a threat and suddenly everything you loose control of everything. Intense feelings of fear and gloom. The sudden urge to leave a room. It gets hard to breathe, hard to move. Your heart beats so fast it feels like you can hear it. Your entire body frozen, paralyzed.

That’s anxiety.


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