Cup of Tea

Untitled design (13)

I saw you sitting alone one day .

It was sad to see you so sad, so grey.

I knew I had to ask you if you wanted to talk?

So you said yeah and we went for a walk.

I knew the kids weren’t nice to you,

But I did not care I knew you could pull through.

We became great friends that year,

But when I was hurt, you were not there.

Four years went by and we were no more.

When you left me at my worst, the rain started to pour.

You took off and never looked back.

You and your new wolf pack were ready to attack.

What did I ever do to you to deserve this pain?

I wanted to know, could you please explain?

You knew I was sad and blue, like you that day I found you.

I thought if I was ever sad, you would be the one to come through.

Sometimes in life you will get played and left betrayed,

But after this, you will never be so easily persuaded.

Always remember if a friend isn’t there when you fall ,

Don’t get upside, it might raise your cholesterol .

Just take it slow, one step at a time,

And soon you will see how far you will climb.

Never forget if it’s meant to be it will be,

Just sit down and  relax with a hot cup of tea.










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