Life Update

A Little Life Update

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. I apologize for not posting as much as I used to, I’ve just been busy with exams. If you guys have any exams coming up, I wish you all luck! Now that exams are all done, I’m so so excited to be posting a lot more!!

One really funny yet scary thing happened to me about two weeks ago and I had to share.

I haven’t told you guys this, but I have two guinea pigs named Winnie and Perriwinkle. I’ve had them since they were about two weeks old and their actually sisters.

Every Friday I clean their entire cage and everything in it. I always start with taking the mesh part on top of their cage. I usually put the mesh part of the cage further away from them so that it’s easier to sweep. However, this time I accidentally put it closer to them.

Than I always remove them from their cage and take them to an vacant area in my basement so they can run around while I’m cleaning them.

When I was carrying Winnie, I was paying so much attention to making sure I was carrying her properly that I completely forgot that I had put the the mesh was right in front of me.

I ended up tripping over the entire cage while carrying Winnie. I was so scared that I was going to drop her I held her as high up in the are as possible and before I knew it I was flat on the floor.

Luckily when I fell she didn’t hit the ground but I was still worried that I hurt her. I gently put her down and she started to walk around and squeaking. I swear that was the happiest moment of my entire life knowing I didn’t just kill my guinea pig.

My entire legs were bruised, some of the skin from one of my knees were bruised out. My legs were bruised for about two weeks, it even hurt to sleep.

The worst part was, not only did I get hurt, but I dented my guinea pig’s cage. The door to their cage no longer opens and closes properly. I tried and straighten it out but it’s still dented haha.

Although this was one of the scariest things that’s ever happened to me, I just thought it was hilarious because this all could have  been  avoided if i had just paid attention.

So that’s the end to my little life update, I hope you guys enjoyed my story. Thanks for reading!!


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