Wednesday Wisdom: Change Your Routine

Life is either

Changing the routine you’re used to can be challenging.  It’s something that’s so comfortable and homy why would you want to change it?

Sometimes you need a change from your routine. Maybe a change is the very thing you need, but you wouldn’t know until you take that break.

Now you’re probably thinking well how do I change my routine? Anything you do differently than you normally would that’s a change.

Try doing one thing the complete opposite that you would do something. If you’re used to working from home, try going to your local Starbucks and work from there for the day.  Order some coffee, grab a seat and get to work.

I find that the atmosphere at Starbucks inspires me to write. So today, I decided instead of writing at home why not come to Starbucks instead. Of course, I had to order one of my favourite drinks Caramel Iced Coffee for an additional boost.


If you’re used to completing your chores in the afternoon, try switching it up a bit and completing them in the morning. You might find that you enjoy cleaning in the morning way better than cleaning later on in the day.

If you’re the type of person who loves being outdoors all the time, try staying home for the day and see how you enjoy it.

It doesn’t matter what you do differently in your routine, as long as it’s a change. It doesn’t matter how small or how big of a change you make, as long as it’s a change.You wouldn’t know that you enjoy something until you try so why not?

You’re bound to discover new things about yourself and new things that you love.

You won’t ever know that you enjoy something, until you try. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone so what are you going to change about routine?





My Summer Bucket List

Aventure Awaits

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing weekend. I wanted to share my summer bucket list. I know they don’t sound crazy adventurous but I wanted to create a list that I can actually complete during the summer. Enjoy!!

  1. Let go of a floating lantern
  2. Watch the sunrise at the beach
  3. Go on a road trip
  4. Go to a drive-in movie
  5. Go star gazing
  6. Take a hike
  7. Watch fire works
  8. Go on a picnic 
  9. Sleep on a trampoline
  10. Go camping
  11. Go to the beach
  12. See a band perform live
  13. Visit a winery
  14. Make homemade popsicles
  15. Build a bonfire
  16. Drive without a destination
  17. Go-carting
  18. Read a book outside
  19. Run in a trail 
  20. Make s’mores
  21. Visit a waterpark 
  22. Go to a carnival
  23. Climb a tree 
  24. Re-decorate my bedroom
  25. Take tons of pictures