Outfit Of The Day: Featuring Denim Jacket

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Hi everyone!! I hope you are all having an amazing week.

I haven’t posted an Outfit of the Day in so long and I’m so excited to be posting one today.

I’ve always wanted a denim jacket, but I was having a hard time finding one that was long enough. One day my mom told me that my dad had a denim jacket sitting around in his closet. I figured the length would be perfect so I knew I had to find it.

I really wanted it to be distressed, long, and overall comfy. My dad’s jacket worked perfectly because he’s had it for such a long time. The only issue I had was how long the sleeves were. I decided to roll the sleeves up a bit and voila!! Good as new.

I hope you guys enjoy today’s outfit of the day and here’s a list of everything I’m wearing:

Jeans: American Eagle

Sunglasses: Urban Behaviour

Choker: Garage

Denim Jacket: Dad’s closet

Boots: Old Navy

T-Shirt: Urban Behaviour

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Spring 2017 Fashion Trends


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Hi everyone!

I’m so excited for Spring 2017, more importantly the fashion trends for this year.   Here’s a list of all the spring fashion trends for this year!

Off the Shoulder

Off the Shoulder dresses and tops have been a popular trend for awhile. It’s a great way to add a different style to your closet.

Vibrant Colours

Spring is one of the brightest seasons of the year so why not wear some colour?  If you’re wearing an all basic outfit, try wearing coloured accessories. If you’re wearing a basic top, try wearing a bright coloured bottoms. Colours are a great way to add some pop to your outfit especially during the warmer seasons.

Trench Coats

Trench coats are the perfect jackets for Spring. It’s the perfect light jacket for those chillier spring days. It’s also the perfect way to tie together any outfit.


Nude coloured clothing items is such a popular trend this year. They’re the perfect colour to pair with basics. Nudes are definitely one of my favourite colours to wear for this Spring.

Midi Bodycon Dresses

Midi bodycon dresses can be found in almost any store from Forever 21, H&M, Guess, Zara etc. The best part about these dresses is that it can be dressed up or dressed down.  This piece can also be worn during Summer too. Midi Bodycon Dress is a closet must have for this year.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees a fashion item that will never go out of style. It’s one of the most versatile item one can have in their closet. They go with practically everything from jeans, shorts, skirts, jackets, and sweaters.

Oversized Denim Jackets

Oversized Denim jackets are an amazing piece to have to add a little colour to any outfit. Their a great piece to have especially if you want to add a little coverage. Oversize denim jackets is the perfect way to add a little colour to any outfit.


5 Tips To Help You Find Your Own Unique Style

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1.Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

One thing that my mom always is “you never know until you try ”.  I’m so used to wearing basics, when I go shopping I always go toward the plain colours.  I’m usually hesitant on trying different colours because I’m always afraid that I have nothing to wear with colours.

The best part about bright colours is that they can be paired with basics. This means I’m able to tie in the colours I love wearing with a little pop of colour.

It’s insane how some colour and transform an outfit. Sometimes you’ll be suprised how a piece of clothing that you never thought would look good, looks amazing. Don’t be afraid to try new pieces. 


This outfit looks amazing because she added a pop of colour with her bright coral jeans. If I saw a pair of coral jeans sitting on a shelf at the store I would be hesitant on picking them up but seeing how they look with basic colours it’s definitely an outfit I would wear.

 2.Find Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere! You can type in google “spring outfits for 2017” and a bunch of links come up with trendy outfits for this year.

 Another way I like to find inspiration is Tumblr. Tumblr has some of the most amazing outfits to grab inspiration from.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 2.02.57 PM.png

Here’s an example of how you can find inspiration.  All I did was google “dressy Tumblr outfits” and all of these pictures come up.  Now I can go through the images and see what outfits I like. Then I can use those images for inspiration to create my own outfit.

3. Find out what you consider fashionable

This is something that won’t be the same for anyone because everyone has their own view of what’s stylish.

I personally feel you’re most confident in the clothes you feel comfortable in. I love wearing jeans, hoodies, graphic tees, and sneakers.  Those are the clothing items I feel most confident in so to me that is what’s most fashionable. 


4. Become a Smart Shopper

This may seem like a given but it can be difficult.  For example, when I go shopping I always head toward the jeans, sweaters, and t-shirt sections at every store. With that being said I have a ton of all of those clothing items to last me my entire lifetime. The last thing I need are more of those items in my closet.

Ask yourself what’s missing from your closet?

I can use more accessories such as hats, jewellery, and glasses to add to my outfit. So instead of shopping for the items that I want I shop for the items that I need. Know what items you need more of before shopping and look for those specific items when shopping.

5. Size Doesn’t Matter

Nobody knows what size you are but yourself. As long as you feel confident and beautiful in what you’re wearing that’s all that matters.

If you feel beautiful in the outfit that you’re wearing, that’s all that matters. Confidence is one thing that will never go out of style. 

Beauty Isn't A Size


Most Unique Shoes Worn at the 2017 Oscars


Everyone looked stunning last night at the 2017 Oscars. It was amazing how every tuxedo and dress had their own personal twist on it.  One accessory that really stood out to me while watching last nights Academy Awards was the shoes.

Here are a couple of shoes that really stood out to me.

Sunny Pawar

Sunny Pawar  looked so handsome yet adorable in his green, black, and yellow sneakers. foc-facesunny-pawar-lion-oscars-movie-5-sneakers

Naomi Harris 

Naomi Harris looked absolutely stunning in this white high low gown. Her yellow and silver shoes were so unique yet beautiful. This is one of the shoes that will be a takeway from the Oscars. I hope to see shoes in a similar style available in stores for Spring 2017.


Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander wore these beatiful black strapped heels alongside her black lace Christian Louis Vuitton gown. The solid black straps on her heels made a real statement to her textured dress.alicia-vikander-shoes-oscars-red-carpet-2017

Felicity Jones

Felicity wore these beatiful gold Christian Louboutin heels with her champagne dress. The toe strap, the bright red bottoms, and gold broche on top the heels are to die for.


Andrew Garfield 

Garfield looked like a stud last night in his Black and White Tom Ford Suit. More importanly, his shoes although all black were two different textures with the patent and smooth leather.  It was the most unique dress shoes of the night.


Seth Rogen

Although these sneakers weren’t the shoes he wore on the Red Carpet, the futeristic sneakers he wore while presenting were amazing. The whole time he was  presenting all I could think of is where he got those shoes from. These “Back To The Future” Nike Sneakers are shoes that are so different, and anyone can get their hands on.



OOTD: A Red Flannel Kind of Day Featuring Life Hack


When I looked outside my window this morning, all I saw was gloominess.  Alhough the weather wasn’t the best today, that does not mean my outfit couldn’t be vibrant.

A lot of my closet is filled with basic colours, so the perfect way to spice up any outfit is by adding a flannel.  There are so many ways to wear a flannel, one of my favourites are tying them around my waist.  It’s great to add colour to a simple body con dress, 0r tee, and my favourite holding up your pants! Not going to lie, the flannel I wore around my waist was a great belt. 

Life Hack:

I worked at a shoe store named Softmoc for a year and a half. While working here, I was able to learn a lot about shoes. Shoes can be expensive, especially Timberlands but I have  a life hack that will save you a ton of money. 

Youth sizes, and women sizes are the same in size, but the youth sizes are much cheaper. Timberlands for women retail for $189.99, while the youth are $134.99. This is a $55 difference which is a lot of money.

Youth sizes are sized the same way as men sizes are so the youth sizes are able to convert to women sizes. Whatever size you are, subtract 2 numbers from it and that will be your size in youth shoes. Similarly, I’m a size 9 womens, and youth Timberlands go up to a size 7.  Size 7 youth is the equivalence to a size 9 womens so I was able to get the youth Timberlands, instead of the Women.

If you would like to know what size you would be in youth, here’s a chart: 


The best thing about this life hack is that it doesn’t just work for Timberlands, but it also works for other brands such as Keds, Converse, Sperry’s, etc.

Jacket:  Winners

Shoes:  Si Vous Play

Jeans: American Eagle

Flannel: Costco

T-Shirt: Forever 21



Family Day OOTD


Happy Family Day everyone!

This look right here is an outfit that I don’t wear too often, but wanted to put something together to go with my shoes.  Old Navy had these shoes on sale for $20 and I just had to get them.  They are comfortable, and I love that because their Black I’m able to pair them with almost every colour.

The sweather I wore today is one I had for a while now, but love how comfy it is.  It’s great because it’s just a little baggy for those days where you don’t feel like wearing a fitted top.

American Eagle is one of my go-to places to get jeans. I usually have a hard time finding the perfect pair for a reasonable price because I’m too tall to wear regular length jeans. American Eagle is great because they accommodate to all different lengths at a reasonable price.

I got my choker from Garage for about $5 on Cyber Monday.  I love how simple it is, and it’s the necklace I wear most. I’m not a big jewellery person but I love how a simple choker is able to tie together any outfit.

The purse I wore is great if you have to carry a lot of things.  This one is perfect because it’s big with pockets for extra storage.

Here’s a breakdown of where each item is from.

Choker: Garage

Purse: Micheal Kors

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Old Navy

Sweather: Urban Planet


Thanks for reading! xoxo


Casual OOTD


This look is one of my go-to outfits for a casual day out. You can never go wrong with a graphic tee, jeans, and sneakers. I love outfits that are not only comfortable but versatile. All of the items I wore are able to be worn for many different occasions. 

Bomber Jacket: Winnners

Purse: H&M

Graphic Tee: Forever 21

Choker: Garage

Jeans: Hollister

Shoes: Softmoc